AH Frontiers - Strategic Leadership


Empowering Leaders for Changing Times

Aiden’s journey began with a vision and a mission to develop a national, and international, organisation that realized, equipped, motivated and released tertiary students. This was the proving ground for Aiden’s rising passion in leadership, strategic management and mentoring/coaching skills.

Aiden has developed a passion for strategy and for seeing individuals and groups released into fulfilling their maximum potential. This has led him to help others to move to higher levels of excellence and maximum achievement.

A good product or service is no longer enough to succeed in the market place. Although important, these things must be accompanied by an excellent strategy that understands the environment as well as highly trained people who can implement this strategy.

AH Frontiers philosophy of education is:

“Nothing is taught until something is learnt”.

Third World

AH Frontiers is very aware of the need for leaders to be trained in developing countries.

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AH Frontiers - Strategic Leadership



What an AWESOME course!!! Even a non-academic like me can do it, and have a lot of fun along the way...

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